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How Invisalign From Your Dentist In Powell Compares To Braces

May 7, 2017

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Invisalign is the superior solution to get the perfectly straight teeth you deserve. Your dentist in Powell weighs in on why this is the clearest way to go.

Ever since you were a kid, you’ve been self-conscious about your smile. The gap in the front, along with your crowded and rotated teeth on the bottom, have made you learn to grin with your lips closed to keep your dental imperfections hidden as much as possible. But now that you’re a successful business owner, you’re finally ready to get the perfect smile you deserve. You want to straighten your teeth, but traditional metal braces will only call more attention to your flaws. What options do you have? With Invisalign from your dentist in Powell, you can achieve the straight, healthy teeth you’ve been longing for. Learn why this option is the clear winner over braces from the team at Wedgewood Complete Dentistry.

What Is Invisalign?

Before we talk about how Invisalign compares to metal braces, Dr. Ryan Eskridge would like to explain exactly what this orthodontic solution is. Invisalign is the leader in invisible, teeth straightening options and consists of clear, BPA-free acrylic aligners.

We start the process by creating a digital image of your ideal smile, and then take impressions that will be sent to a lab that will custom create your aligners just for you. You’ll receive your entire course of treatment in one shipment, and they’ll be numbered in sequential order for your convenience. Simply wear your removable Invisalign aligners and be amazed by the dramatic results!

How Does Invisalign Compare To Metal Braces?

Dr. Eskridge knows that Invisalign better than braces for several reasons, including:

  • Invisible Treatment – Invisalign is so clear and thin, yet effective, that the only person who’ll know you’re undergoing treatment is you. Why call attention to your smile that you’re already self-conscious about when you can straighten your teeth without anyone realizing it?
  • Convenience – Since you won’t need to visit us every two weeks for follow up appointments like you would with metal braces, you’ll save time and money with Invisalign.
  • Fast Treatment – Compared to metal braces, which generally require at least two years of treatment to get the result you’re looking for, you’ll also save time with this method – patients are usually completely done with their Invisalign in just 6-18 months.
  • Balanced Diet – Since you will remove your Invisalign when you eat, you’ll never feel restricted and can enjoy all your favorite foods – from popcorn to caramels to corn on the cob, you can eat whatever you like with this option.
  • Affordability – Contrary to popular myth, many insurance plans offer benefits for treatments like Invisalign just like they do for metal braces. Give us a call – we’re happy to verify your benefits, and we also offer CareCredit financing to cover any gaps in coverage.

Now that you know why Invisalign is your clear choice to straighten your teeth, schedule your appointment with Wedgewood Complete Dentistry to get the perfect smile you’ve been dreaming of!


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